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Expert Team at Paradise Recovery Center

Heidi Georgina Woerner

Clinical Director

With a rich educational background and diverse professional experience, Heidi Georgina Woerner anchors our team as the Clinical Director. An alumnus of the University of Texas, Austin, Heidi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Sociology and Psychology. She furthered her education by earning a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Today, Heidi is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

Heidi’s journey into the field of mental health began in 2016, when she served as a school counselor for a Los Angeles-based Catholic school predominantly attended by a Mexican immigrant population. This role, with its strong emphasis on spirituality, laid the groundwork for her empathetic approach to therapy.

In the years that followed (2017-2020), Heidi honed her skills in private practice, treating individuals with mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. She led trauma-focused female support groups and worked with perpetrators of domestic violence in both group and individual settings, showcasing her versatility and dedication.

In 2020, Heidi decided to channel her efforts primarily towards addiction therapy, driven by deeply personal motivations. She had experienced the heart-wrenching impact of addiction first-hand when her younger brother tragically lost his life to an overdose after a prolonged struggle with substance abuse. This profound personal experience has endowed Heidi with an extraordinary understanding and compassion for those wrestling with addiction and mental health problems. She also possesses a unique ability to empathize with and provide guidance to their loved ones.

Heidi’s heartfelt dedication to her work and her deep understanding of the human psyche make her an invaluable member of our team. Her primary mission is to extend a helping hand to those battling addiction, empowering them to reclaim their lives and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Expert Team at Paradise Recovery Center

Dr. Jason Giles

Medical Director

Dr. Giles is committed to elevating the standard of care in addiction medicine. Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Giles completed his undergraduate degree in molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley and earned his medical degree from the University of California at Davis. He completed a general surgery internship, an anesthesiology residency with an emphasis in cardiac surgery, and an additional year of pain medicine fellowship at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. 

Inspired by his own experiences in recovery, Dr. Giles shifted his focus to addiction medicine. For the past twenty years he has made it his career. He deepened his understanding in the field by earning board certifications from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM). His innovative, research-backed and time-tested methods challenge old dogmas to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Author of the bestselling and well-reviewed Outsmart Your Addiction, and a frequent guest on television, radio, and podcasts, Dr. Giles is passionate about helping patients recover their health, restore their relationships, and find new hope living in sobriety.

Expert Team at Paradise Recovery Center

Melva Gaxiola RN​

Registered Nurse

Melva brings twenty-eight years of nursing experience to her role at Paradiso Recovery. She received her Associate in Science degree and Registered Nurse license through her local community college’s nursing program. 

In her accomplished nursing career spanning nearly three decades, Melva has found the work incredibly rewarding. 

Outside of caring for others, Melva enjoys walking, bike riding, doing puzzles, and tending to her houseplants. She is dedicated to providing compassionate, professional care to help clients through their recovery process. Melva’s wealth of knowledge and passion for nursing make her a wonderful asset to the Paradiso team.

Expert Team at Paradise Recovery Center

Nicklas Bounce

Case Manager

Nicklas brings passion and purpose to his role as lead RA at Paradiso Recovery. He has been working in addiction treatment for two years and is currently pursuing his CADC certification through CCAPP, of which he is a member.

In his time with Paradiso, Nicklas has found the work incredibly meaningful. He feels fulfilled to be making a positive difference in the lives of others and the world. 

Nicklas is dedicated to continuous learning. Outside of work, he enjoys fitness, basketball, music, and community service. Nicklas is proud to be part of the Paradiso team and their mission to create change. He brings care and commitment to guiding clients through recovery.