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5 Key Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Luxury Rehab Center in California

There are now over 14,000 addiction treatment facilities helping 3.7 million people across the US. If you’re interested in going to rehab, you need to know how to narrow down your options. Not every luxury rehab center in California will meet your needs. 

Choosing the right luxury rehab will ensure you have access to the tools to maintain your sobriety.

Look for these five qualities as you research each rehab center. With these tips, you can make an informed choice with your goals in mind!

1. Individualized Care

About 46.3 million people ages 12 or older (16.5% of the population) have a substance use disorder. Of these, 29.5 million have an alcohol use disorder and 29.5 million have a drug use disorder. Before researching California luxury rehab centers, take a moment to consider your needs.

For example, are you struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? If it’s the latter, consider the type of drugs you’ve used.

Start looking for a luxury rehab center in California that treats your specific type of addiction.

These rehab centers will have the resources and expertise necessary to provide you with individualized care. If the rehab center follows a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, remove them from your list of options. These rehab centers will struggle to offer the help you need.

When narrowing down your options, sit down with someone at three local rehab centers. Talk about your needs and struggles with addiction. Ask how the rehab center can help.

Everyone struggles with different issues and therefore benefits from different forms of treatment. The center should take the time to understand your struggles, needs, and experiences. After gathering this information, they should develop a treatment plan with your needs in mind. 

One of the benefits of luxury rehab treatments is the individualized care you’ll receive. When you arrive, you’ll undergo a full assessment. This assessment will help the center understand your needs for treatment.

They’ll also help you outline your goals for recovery.

While one patient might benefit from dual diagnosis treatment and medical detoxing, another might need 12-step addiction recovery services. 

Types of Rehab

Determine what type of rehab programs the center offers. For example, do they offer inpatient or outpatient treatment programs?

Residential treatment (inpatient rehab) offers intensive addiction treatment on-site. You’ll live at the facility for a period between a few weeks to a month or more. Living at the facility will ensure you receive around-the-clock care.

You’ll also remain under the medical supervision of trained addiction providers.

Inpatient treatment will ensure you receive the right level of care, accountability, and support. You can minimize obstacles to recovery and distance yourself from potential triggers. 

You can learn more about our residential treatment program here.

2. Qualified Staff Members

Before going to rehab, learn more about each facility’s staff members. It’s important to look for medical professionals who are experts in their field. The best luxury rehab center will employ staff members with the right experience, training, and credentials. 

These professionals will ensure you receive the care you need.

A rehab facility might employ professionals with these credentials:

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor
  • Master’s Level Certified Addiction Professional
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Ask who will provide treatment during your stay. Make sure to request proof of their credentials before beginning your treatment program. Licensed professionals should be proud to show off their credentials.

You’ll likely work alongside nutritional counselors, therapists, doctors, and nurses, too. Check their licensing and educational degrees. Look for professionals who specialize based on your needs. 

3. Program Accreditation

To open an addiction treatment facility, accreditation isn’t required. Almost anyone can open an addiction or mental health treatment program. It’s important to look for luxury rehab centers that have the proper accreditations and certifications. 

Confirm that each center on your list is licensed by the state of California.

Determine if they use the Joint Commission Accreditation for Addiction Treatment or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities. These programs indicate the facility operates safely and effectively.

You can feel confident choosing a qualified luxury rehab program with these accreditations. These facilities operate under a higher standard of care. Accreditations also provide proof that the rehab facility:

  • Hires trained, qualified staff members
  • Has HIPAA compliance
  • Offers evidence-based treatments
  • Follows safety standards

Learn more about the rules and regulations at each facility. Confirm that the facility promotes a safe environment where patients can recover.

Their rules might include dress codes, no weapons, and adherence to drug or alcohol screening.

4. A Continuum of Care

The best California luxury rehab center will care about your sobriety long-term. Look for addiction treatment programs that offer a continuum of care.

The continuum of care is a treatment system. It allows patients to begin treatment based on the care they need most. You’ll gradually step down to less intensive care as you continue your program. 

A continuum of care system might include:

  • Medically detoxing
  • Inpatient/residential treatment 
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Sober living housing

A rehab center that follows a continuum of care system will ensure you receive individualized care. You’ll have an easier time transitioning from inpatient treatment back to your everyday life. 

5. Transparent Fees

As you begin narrowing down your options, learn more about each rehab center’s fee structure. Determine what’s included with their pricing by asking for an itemized list of services. Compare fees between three California luxury rehab programs.

Comparing fees will help you determine the average cost of services in the area. However, not every program will offer the same level of care.

Determine which facilities also accept your insurance. Ask if they’ll cover the entire program or only a portion of the cost. 

Find a Luxury Rehab Center in California

Don’t rush when choosing a luxury rehab center in California. The best rehab program will consider your unique needs and goals. Using these tips will ensure you reap the benefits of luxury rehab treatment at the right facility. 

Want an easier way to narrow down your options? We can help. 

Begin the admissions process with Paradiso Recovery today to begin your journey to recovery!