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Detox and Rehabilitation Programs

Paradiso Recovery Medical Detox and Residential Treatment

Our treatment programs are optimized for the individual needs of our patients. We offer a safe and supportive environment to help you get the fresh start in life you need.

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Paradiso Recovery Medical Detox and Residential Treatment

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping individuals build the skills and knowledge necessary for long-term sobriety and recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our medically advanced detox and residential treatment programs.

About Our Programs

Paradiso provides a warm, therapeutic living environment for clients to receive care where they can feel at home amongst our close, compassionate staff. Despite the grand, luxurious grounds Paradiso covers, clients experience a cozy, embracing home with caring staff to support them throughout their treatment stay.

Our entire staff meets regularly to ensure our clients are being provided with the best care, and participate in trainings including: trauma-informed care, cultural competency, ethics, and psychoeducation in addiction and mental health.

Our residential program runs seven days a week, Monday-Sunday, which includes 8 hours of evidenced-based therapy and holistic healing practices. provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, treatment counselors, and other addiction specialists. Treatment services consist of group therapy, individual therapy, diagnostic assessments, and medication management.

Paradiso’s clinical staff is closely supervised by the clinical director who is directly involved in each client’s treatment. Clinical team develops an individualized treatment plan for each client to address that client’s goals and objectives. 

Therapeutic approaches include:

  • Attachment-based
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Emotionally Focused
  • Gestalt
  • Family Systems
  • Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Psychodynamic
  • Psychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Solutions Focused Brief (SFBT)
  • Somatic
  • Strength-Based
  • Evidenced Based Trauma Treatments

Holistic practices and group activities include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Breathwork
  • Music therapy
  • Art Therapy

Additionally, we incorporate some Smart Recovery material as well as 12-Step concepts into our group sessions and assignments.

Descriptions of some of our group sessions include:


Facilitator uses attachment-based approach providing warm, empathic mirroring and validation. Group processed early childhood experiences and relationships, examining the role substances have played in emotional self-regulation and maladaptive coping.

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Group shares maladaptive coping mechanisms including substance abuse and other self-sabotaging behaviors, identifying healthier coping skills with longer lasting positive effects that can be implemented day to day to cope with distress and challenging situations.

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Facilitator encourages clients in the group to be open, honest, and genuine, supporting one another through processing of feelings with frequent themes amongst the group being trauma, shame, guilt, grief, forgiveness, and gratitude.


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Group members identify their personal strengths sharing sources of support, past examples of resiliency and survival. Clients identify and verbalize strengths in one another. Facilitator assists in identifying negative thoughts and core beliefs for clients to reconstruct into positive self-talk and affirmations to utilize daily.

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Group members identify their personal strengths sharing sources of support, past examples of resiliency and success in coping with situations that they were able to get through. Clients assist one another by identifying strengths in each other. Facilitator assists in using identified strengths to develop individualized positive affirmations and strength-based statements to use daily.

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Group identifies internal and external triggers in the environment, reviews individual coping skills, personal routines, and areas of support including sober friends, family members, and involvement in 12-Step programs. Smart Recovery worksheets, 12-step concepts, and Wiley Treatment Planner assignments are incorporated into the group.

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Group examines how healthy living including exercise and diet impact the brain. Objectives include psychoeducation as well as participation in group physical exercise.
Clients develop goals to incorporate nutritional needs, physical exercise, as well as relaxation techniques to cope with anxiety.

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Group examines the relationship between schemas, automatic thoughts, feelings, and patterns leading to self-destructive behaviors, replacing negative or distorted all-or-nothing thinking with positive self-talk, and healthier thought patterns.

Core beliefs that have impacted perception, drive negative thoughts and behaviors are identified as well as the impact of culture and family dynamics. 

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Clients participate in mindfulness exercises and grounding, including learning to use the five senses to practice staying in the present moment. Mindful breathing is also utilized with stretches. Nature is often incorporated in these groups, where clients participate in the mindfulness exercise in an environment with much sensory.

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Clients examine past elements of recovery plans and relapse episodes identifying areas requiring development and improvement. Personal experiences with successful/unsuccessful coping skills are discussed, individual routines, self-care, as well as living with meaning, purpose, and connection.

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MUSIC THERAPY (“Rock to Recovery”):

Clients share and process experiences in recovery using self-expression through writing song lyrics, singing, playing instruments, and collaborating together to compose one song to depict their pain, healing, and journey through addiction.



Facilitator provides paint, canvases, writing materials, etc to have clients illustrate their individual, original recovery journeys sharing meanings of color and symbols used and processed in group discussion.

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About Medical Detox

Medical detox is a safe and effective treatment process designed to help individuals suffering from substance use disorder or addiction. At Paradiso Recovery, we provide comprehensive medical detox services that are tailored to each individual’s needs in order to ensure the safest, most comfortable experience possible. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes evidence-based treatments to help individuals safely and effectively manage withdrawal symptoms while providing the necessary support to begin their journey toward recovery.

We use biogenetic testing to create a personalized medical detox plan based on the individual’s specific needs and circumstances. This testing allows us to select the safest and most effective medications for detoxification, with doses tailored to each person’s body chemistry. We also offer supportive therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling sessions, individual therapy sessions, and medication management as needed throughout the detox process.

About Residential Treatment

Paradiso Recovery offers residential treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes healing and recovery. The program includes evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling, individualized treatment plans, nutritional guidance, and more. We also offer onsite activities to help our clients learn how to cope with everyday life in a healthy way.

Our residential treatment center offers private room options for individuals and couples, as well as shared living spaces for larger groups. We also provide support services such as medication management and medical monitoring to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of care.

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Paradiso Recovery is a serene oasis tucked away in Los Angeles, where you can escape your daily life and focus on healing from addiction. Our facility provides luxurious amenities, a fully-staffed property, and an experienced team of professionals committed to helping you reach long-term sobriety.

We are dedicated to helping you on your recovery journey. Get in touch today for more information about our services and amenities that make Paradiso the right choice for long-term sobriety.