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The Importance of a Supportive Community during Drug Detox in Calabasas, CA

Around thirty-seven million people around the world struggle with drug use disorders. Despite the alarming nature of this statistic, it’s estimated that only one out of seven of these individuals will receive the treatment they need.

One of the reasons so few people receive the help they need is because they lack a supportive community. The role of community cannot be understated before, during, and after the recovery process.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to find the social support you need during your drug detox in Calabasas, CA. We’ll also break down how the community can help at every stage of the recovery process.

The Importance of a Community Before Drug Detox

Sometimes a person can recognize their addiction and seek help entirely on their own. However, more often than not, they rely on a community of family and friends who want to help them.

Sadly, this help can often be ignored or outright rejected when someone is amid a drug addiction. Through the use of interventions, it can be possible to convince a person to seek help.

A drug detox can be much more successful if a person knows that they have people on the outside rooting for their recovery. The unconditional love that a family gives is often one of the main motivators for seeking treatment.

The Importance of Community During Drug Detox

When you’re going through drug detox you’ll receive clinical assistance from trained professionals. However, it’s vital to remember that these aren’t the only individuals who will help you.

You’ll also be both receiving help and giving help to your peer support group in addiction treatment. These are individuals who are also in detox and going through similar experiences as you.

These support groups are a vital part of the detox experience. For starters, they give you access to people who know the thoughts, emotions, and pain that you’re going through.

While professionals can be a great resource, they can sometimes feel disconnected from the experience you’re going through. A community of fellow patients helps build camaraderie and support.

What’s more, many breakthroughs are made when you can objectively see yourself when viewed through the lens of this addiction support group. When someone shares their experiences with you, you might notice the similarities to your life.

This, in turn, can help you identify the hold that drugs have had on your life in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. While the benefits of peer groups during drug detox are still being studied, according to this study, the early results are quite promising.

The Importance of Community After Detox and Recovery

When someone gets out of rehab, their journey with drug addiction isn’t over. This is when the skills and insights they learned through therapy are put to the test.

Often all it takes is a triggering situation or an old substance abuse friend to cause a person to relapse. That’s why community remains important even after a person receives treatment.

One form of community can be the friends and family that understand the recovering individual’s circumstances. However, support groups outside of rehab can also be a great resource.

These are safe places where a person can discuss their feelings and struggles with a professional and peers who have been (or are going) through the same thing.

It’s common for recovered individuals to lose a lot of friends who aren’t willing or able to get clean. These support groups can help you expand your social network to include people who have also embraced a drug-free lifestyle.

What Should You Expect From Drug Detox?

Detox is different for everyone. Depending on the drugs you’ve been using and your level of dependence, you might require more or less care.

That’s why the first thing you’ll experience during a drug detox is a medical assessment. This will give the staff a more accurate picture of how to treat with a personalized detox plan.

Next, you’ll go through withdrawal. Withdrawal can be the hardest part for many patients because it includes a whole host of physical and psychological symptoms.

The specific withdrawal symptoms will depend on the drugs or substances you’ve been using. In some cases, medication might need to be administered to help control the symptoms associated with withdrawal.

Most of the time, the detox period will last anywhere from a few days to weeks. During this time, you’ll receive around-the-clock support from a caring, supportive staff.

Once the detox period is over, you can begin treatment that will set you up for success once you leave rehab. If you want to learn some strategies for getting through drug detox, you can consult this resource here.

How to Find a Supportive Community in Calabasas, CA

When you’re researching treatment centers, a supportive rehab environment should be one of the first things you look for. Call the center to ask whether or not they utilize peer support groups.

If they don’t, we recommend you keep searching until you find one that does. As we mentioned before, these peers can be invaluable during the drug detox process.

Once you’re out of rehab, it’s highly recommended that you find a support group and sponsor. If you’re having trouble finding a group, we recommend using SAMHSA’s resources.

They can help you find free support groups for building your community outside of rehab. Often people lose a lot of substance-abusing friends when they quit drugs. These groups can help you meet people who are also trying to break the cycle of addiction.

Looking for Drug Detox in Calabasas, CA? Contact Paradiso Recovery

We hope this guide helped you learn more about the role of the community during drug detox in Calabasas, CA. Here at Paradiso Recovery, we know that when combined with evidence-based treatments, community is an essential part of drug recovery.

Our understanding staff, combined with patients going through the same thing as you, can help create lasting relationships that extend outside of rehab. So, if you’re ready to take control of your life and find a community you love, verify your insurance with us today.