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Commonly Asked Questions About Alcohol Detox in Calabasas

Over 140,000 Americans die as a result of alcohol use every year. Alcohol abuse is a serious issue, and if you know that you have a problem, now is the time to grab hold of it and take your life back.

Doing it alone isn’t easy. It may be time to consider professional alcohol detox in Calabasas.

Not sure if you’re ready? We’re here to give you more information so you can make this important decision. Read on to learn more. 

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is a process that helps individuals safely withdraw from alcohol in a safe environment under the supervision of medical professionals. Professional detox centers aim to manage any physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal.

Detox can be uncomfortable and dangerous. It’s the necessary first step of alcohol rehab in Calabasas, however.

Why Is Alcohol Detox in Calabasas Necessary? 

Not everyone chooses to go to professional alcohol rehab in Calabasas to detox, but it can help. This is especially true for people who are deep in their addictions or who have been unsuccessful with recovery in the past.

Professional alcohol or drug detox can help patients manage potentially severe withdrawal symptoms that can arise when someone who is dependent on a substance stops using it all at once. These symptoms can be dangerous (or even life-threatening) in some cases.

Detoxing from alcohol at home can be risky for individuals with a history of heavy or prolonged alcohol use. Detox in a specialized facility, under the supervision of professionals, is safer and more effective.

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

The duration of alcohol detox varies. It depends on factors such as the patient’s level of alcohol dependence and their overall health. In most cases, alcohol detox lasts anywhere from two weeks to one month, but symptoms can persist for longer. 

There’s no exact timeline. Often, things get worse before they get better. It’s all part of the process. 

What Is a Detox Center?

A detox center is a medical facility. In our case, it’s a part of our residential rehab in California. It provides a safe environment for individuals to detox from substances like alcohol under the care of medical professionals.

Detox centers provide medical monitoring, assessment, medication management, therapy, nutritional support, and a secure space for patients going through withdrawal.

Again, you can go through withdrawal without a medical detox center, but it will be far more challenging and uncomfortable. You deserve support and care while you go through this challenging experience.

How Do You Start Detox? 

The first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem. You’ve already completed that step, and that’s fantastic! Now it’s time to move forward.

When it comes to getting a spot at a detox center, your first step is calling and speaking with a representative. You’ll then fill out online patient forms and visit the rehabilitation center for a quick assessment.

Know that you will not be met with judgment during this process.

Are Detox Centers Confidential?

When you’re going through such a challenging time, you want to make sure that you have privacy. You don’t need the whole world to know about your struggles. That’s completely reasonable. 

You should know that, yes, detox centers prioritize patient confidentiality. They have to adhere to privacy laws and regulations. No one will know that you’re going through detox or residential rehabilitation in California unless you share that information yourself.

Your secret is safe with us.

Will Insurance Cover Alcohol Detox Treatment?

It’s no secret that any type of drug or alcohol treatment can be expensive. You may want to know whether or not your insurance will cover alcohol detox before you commit.

Many insurance plans cover at least a portion of detox treatment. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to understand coverage details. We can help you verify insurance if you choose to join us for your detox needs.

What Happens After Detox?

You may wonder if you’re on your own after detox. Is there any type of follow-up treatment plan?  

After detox, patients are encouraged to enter a comprehensive addiction treatment program. This program may include therapy, counseling, and support groups. We offer such programs at Paradiso. 

Can I Detox While Working or Attending School? 

When it comes to residential detox, you will likely need to take a short break from work or school if it’s possible to do so. We understand the importance of your career and education, but your health must come first. When you recover, you’ll have a far easier time being successful with your other ventures.

The brief break will allow you to focus on your recovery. 

Why Choose Paradiso? 

Paradiso is a luxury rehab center in California. We can take care of our patients from detox all the way through their recovery. We even offer aftercare support.

We do this because we understand how challenging addiction is. We know that recovery is a journey, not a destination. Our empathetic and knowledgeable team is ready to hold your hand through the entire process. 

There are many fantastic detox and rehab centers, but we use the latest science and research to make the detox and withdrawal period as comfortable as possible. 

Do You Need Alcohol Detox in Calabasas? 

Going through alcohol detox in Calabasas may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. You’ll be in good hands. It’s the first step that you can take toward recovery and self-care, and you owe it to yourself. 

At Paradiso, we want to help you start your recovery journey. From detox to residential rehab, we’ll guide you through. Learn more about our admissions and reach out today to start your healing process.